Custom Choir Tours

Download Custom Choir Tours Flyer

No two choirs are the same, so we take special delight in providing the best-fit tour for each ensemble. Rather than merely create the largest festival or tour with the most performances, we carefully listen to your needs and values so that together we can craft the perfect travel and performance experience for your program.

Our team’s background and focus uniquely equips us to partner with you from the initial discussion about meaningful destinations and appropriate performance venues, through registration and travel, as well as the fine-tuned specifics of each performance.

Our artistic directors and travel coordinators will proactively work with you to make your trip a success by focusing on three phases: Development, Tour Implementation, and Concert Production. In-depth conversations in the development phase ensure that the venues, performances, and travel plans will satisfy your artistic goals. During the tour implementation phase you can relax as we handle all logistics, registration, payment, and traveler communication. And throughout the entire process our concert production efforts will exceed your expectations, resulting in a performance that will forever change your musicians and your audience.