An Open Letter to ALL Fine Arts Supervisors, Choir Directors and Choral Students

CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one of you for your commitment to and passion about music education!  Researchers have well documented… in study, after study… the current and future benefits of an active participation in music education.  At Perform America, we strongly believe that music education significantly increases cognitive function, fosters a sense of well-being, encourages teamwork, and maximizes self-confidence.  Moreover, a strong choral program is, almost always, one of the most cost-effective programs a school can offer… to say nothing of the importance of nurturing, encouraging and fostering a life-long love of the arts.

Education, both musical and otherwise, is incredibly important in our world today.  In many ways, our world is getting smaller.  Communication, collaboration and the sharing of information are getting easier and easier.  The world is becoming much more of a Global, Multi-National Village… and music is a Universal Language that can help bridge the distance and fill the gaps of understanding and empathy between different cultures.  It has a leveling, inspiring effect.

Travel, when coordinated as part of a well-conceived educational curriculum, will enhance and solidify the lessons learned in the classroom.  Traveling together with Perform America offers an unparalleled real world application of the educational principals taught in school… and a culminating event to highlight and showcase the performance acumen you and the members of your Choral Program have attained during numerous rehearsals and local performances.  Merging music education with the natural educational opportunities encountered in the group performance travel experience will have far reaching, positive consequences for all involved… for years to come.

At Perform America, we are passionate about education, passionate about travel, and passionate about music.  Please consider working with us for your next group performance tour and…

Welcome to the Next Level!

Geoffrey McQueen

Executive Director  |  Perform America