Center Stage Is Now Online.

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Your ensemble's next performance will be just a click away—and your audience is already waiting! Let us help you create a Virtual Performance that is easy to produce while still providing an exceptional musical experience for your audience.

Coordinating the creation of dozens (or hundreds!) of synchronized videos, mastering the audio, and creating a compelling online video that showcases your musicians requires specialized skills. And even if you already have the skills, it may not be worth your time to handle it all on your own. 

We have the tools, processes, and experience needed to create a Virtual Performance for your ensemble that will get you back in front of your audience, performing the music they’re longing to hear.

What You Can Expect

We are a "musician first" organization. So while creating Virtual Performances requires a deep knowledge of a variety of technologies, we do it all in service to the creation of music that not only transforms the musician through the performance, but enriches the audience through the experience!

So whether you have musicians and need help capturing their performance, or you have a piece of music and need professional studio musicians, we can help you make your vision a reality.

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